Introduction  page0003.tif 
Specifications  page0004.tif   page0005.tif 
Power Unit   page0006.tif   page0007.tif 
Dismounting and Mounting    page0008.tif   page0009.tif   page0010.tif 
Engine    page0011.tif 
Checking the Technical Condition  11
Test Conditions and Car Preparation    page0012.tif 
Performance Test  12
Economy Test    page0013.tif   page0014.tif 
Compression Test    page0015.tif 
Check of Noise of Running Engine   page0016.tif   page0017.tif   page0018.tif 
Condition of Individual Parts   page0019.tif 
Design  19
Crank Gear  page0020.tif   page0021.tif   page0022.tif   page0023.tif   page0024.tif   page0025.tif   page0026.tif   page0027.tif   page0028.tif   page0029.tif   page0030.tif   page0031.tif   page0032.tif   page0033.tif 
Valve Gear   page0034.tif   page0035.tif   page0036.tif   page0037.tif   page0038.tif 
Lubricating System  page0039.tif   page0040.tif   page0041.tif   page0042.tif   page0043.tif   page0044.tif 
Cooling System  page0045.tif 
Fuel System  page0046.tif   page0047.tif   page0048.tif   page0049.tif   page0050.tif   page0051.tif   page0052.tif   page0053.tif   page0054.tif   page0055.tif 
Dismantling and Assembling  page0056.tif 
General Dismantling   page0057.tif   page0058.tif   page0059.tif 
Assembling  page0060.tif   page0061.tif   page0062.tif   page0063.tif 
Removal and Installation of Assemblies and Parts  page0064.tif 
Cylinder Heads (Engine not Removed)  page0065.tif 
Timing Gear Cover (Engine Removed)  page0066.tif   page0067.tif 
Timing Gear Cover (Engine not Removed) 68
Camshaft and Balancing Mechanism (Engine Re-moved)  page0068.tif 
Camshaft and Balancing Mechanism (without Full Dismantling of Engine)   page0069.tif 
Cylinders and Piston-Connecting Rod Assemblies (Engine Removed)  page0070.tif   page0071.tif 
Cylinders, Piston Rings, Pistons, Connecting Rods, and Connecting Rod Bearing Shells (Engine not Removed)  page0072.tif   page0073.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0074.tif   page0075.tif   page0076.tif   page0077.tif   page0078.tif   page0079.tif   page0080.tif 
Repair   page0081.tif 
Crank Gear 81
Crankcase   page0082.tif 
Cylinders   page0083.tif   page0084.tif 
Pistons  page0085.tif   page0086.tif 
Piston Rings  page0087.tif 
Piston Pins  page0088.tif 
Connecting Rods   page0089.tif 
Crankshaft  page0090.tif 
Flywheel   page0091.tif 
Crankshaft Seals  92
Main and Connecting Rod Bearing Shells   page0092.tif 
Valve Gear and Balancing Mechanism   page0093.tif 
Removal and Installation of Valves   page0094.tif 
Inspection of Valve Stems and Valve Guides  page0095.tif 
Replacement of Valve Guides   page0096.tif 
Refacing Valve Heads   page0097.tif 
Regrinding Valve Seat Faces   page0098.tif 
Valve Seat Replacement  98
Valve Lapping  page0099.tif 
Inspection of Valve Springs   page0100.tif 
Inspection of Valve Caps  101
Inspection of Rockers and Their Shafts   page0101.tif 
Inspection of Tappets and Push Rods 102
Inspection of Push Rod Cover Seals and Drain  page0102.tif 
Pipe Seals 102
Inspection of Camshaft  page0103.tif 
Inspection of Balancing Mechanism  103
Lubricating System 103
Eliminating Leaks in Lubricating System  103
Locating and Eliminating Causes of Oil Pressure Drop   page0104.tif 
Dismantling and Assembling of Oil Pump   page0105.tif 
Inspection of Relief Valve  page0106.tif 
Inspection of Ignition Distributor and Oil Pump Drive  106
Inspection of Oil Cooler 106
Inspection of Centrifugal Oil Cleaner  page0107.tif 
Cooling System  page0108.tif 
Inspection of Fan 108
Adjusting Belt Tension  109
Fuel System  page0109.tif 
Removal and Installation of Fuel Tank  109
Repair of Fuel Tank   page0110.tif 
Removal and Installation of Fuel Pump 110
Dismantling and Assembling of Fuel Pump Check of Fuel Level in Carburettor   page0111.tif   page0112.tif 
Float Chamber  page0113.tif 
Removal and Installation of Carburettor 114
Dismantling and Assembling of Carburettor   page0114.tif 
Carburettor Adjustments   page0115.tif 
Carburettor Adjustment for Low Idle Speed   page0116.tif 
Removal and Installation of Throttle Control Cable and Its Sheath   page0117.tif 
Removal and installation of air choke control rod and Sheath  117
Adjustment of Throttle and Air Choke Control Linkages  117
Running-In the Engine after Repair   page0118.tif 
Clutch  118
Design   page0119.tif   page0120.tif 
Clutch Control Gear  page0121.tif   page0122.tif   page0123.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0124.tif   page0125.tif 
Repair  126
Dismantling and Assembling  page0126.tif 
Inspection of Parts  page0127.tif   page0128.tif   page0129.tif 
Assembling  page0130.tif 
Installation and Final Adjustment  130
Adjustment of Clearance between Clutch Release Bearing and Collar   page0131.tif   page0132.tif 
Clutch Control Master Cylinder   page0133.tif 
Clutch Control Slave Cylinder  page0134.tif 
Clutch Pedal  134
Gearbox, Final Drive, and Differential   page0135.tif 
Design   page0136.tif   page0137.tif   page0138.tif   page0139.tif   page0140.tif   page0141.tif   page0142.tif   page0143.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0144.tif   page0145.tif   page0146.tif 
Repair   page0147.tif 
Dismantling  page0148.tif   page0149.tif   page0150.tif 
Inspection of Parts  page0151.tif   page0152.tif   page0153.tif   page0154.tif   page0155.tif   page0156.tif   page0157.tif   page0158.tif   page0159.tif   page0160.tif 
Assembling the Gearbox and Differential   page0161.tif   page0162.tif   page0163.tif   page0164.tif   page0165.tif   page0166.tif   page0167.tif   page0168.tif 
Check and Adjustment of Backlash in Final Drive Gearing  page0169.tif 
Rear Axle Speed Reducer Drive Shaft   page0170.tif 
Design  170
Troubleshooting 170
Repair   page0171.tif 
Dismounting  171
Dismantling  page0172.tif 
Assembling  page0173.tif 
Installation on the Car  174
Axle Shaft  page0174.tif 
Design  174
Troubleshooting  page0175.tif 
Repair   page0176.tif 
Removal  176
Dismantling  page0177.tif   page0178.tif 
Assembling  page0179.tif 
Installation  180
Wheel Speed Reducer   page0180.tif 
Design   page0181.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0182.tif 
Repair   page0183.tif 
Dismounting  183
Dismantling of Speed Reducer  183
Dismantling of Universal Joint   page0184.tif 
Inspection of Parts   page0185.tif   page0186.tif 
Assembling of Speed Reducer  page0187.tif   page0188.tif 
Installation of Speed Reducer   page0189.tif 
Assembling of Universal Joint   page0190.tif 
Rear Axle Speed Reducer   page0191.tif 
Design  191
Troubleshooting  page0192.tif 
Repair  192
Removal and Installation  192
Dismantling   page0193.tif 
Inspection of Parts  page0194.tif   page0195.tif 
Assembling  page0196.tif 
Suspension, Shock Absorbers, Wheels, and Tires  page0197.tif 
Specifications 197
Design   page0198.tif 
Suspension   page0199.tif   page0200.tif 
Shock Absorbers   page0201.tif   page0202.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0203.tif   page0204.tif 
Repair  205
Suspension  page0205.tif 
Removal  205
Installation   page0206.tif 
Torsion Bar Replacement  206
Torsion Bar Rearrangement   page0207.tif 
Removal of Suspension Arm   page0208.tif 
Installation of Suspension Arm  208
Replacement of Steering Knuckle Pivot Bushing Casings in Assembly with Bushings and ot Pivots  page0209.tif   page0210.tif 
Taking Up the Axial Play in the Pivotal Joints of Steering Knuckle  page0211.tif 
Replacement of Worn Suspension Arm Bushings with Repair Ones  page0212.tif 
Suspension Axle Repair   page0213.tif 
Check and Adjustment of Play in Wheel Speed Reducer Driven Shaft Bearings  213
Toe-In  page0214.tif 
Setting the Maximum Front Wheel Turning Angles  215
Shock Absorbers page0215.tif 
Removal of Front Suspension Shock Absorber 215
Removal of Rear Suspension Shock Absorber 215
Shock Absorber Check 215
Disassembly, Repair, and Assembly   page0216.tif   page0217.tif 
Wheel Balancing 218
Wheel Rotation 218
Tire Inflation  218
Steering  page0218.tif 
Design   page0219.tif   page0220.tif   page0221.tif   page0222.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0223.tif 
Repair   page0224.tif 
Removal and Installation of Steering Gear (without Shaft, Shaft Support, and Steering Wheel)   page0225.tif 
Dismantling of Steering Gear  page0226.tif 
Assembling  page0227.tif   page0228.tif 
Replacement of Steering Arm Shaft Bushings in Case and Cover  page0229.tif 
Removal and Installation of Steering Wheel  229
Removal and Installation of Steering Shaft   page0230.tif 
Removal and Installation of Steering Shaft Sup-' port 230
Removal and Installation of Combination Levers and Steering Rods 231
Repair of Ball Joint   page0231.tif 
Removal and Installation of Combination Lever Pivot Pin Bracket   page0232.tif 
Replacement of Bushings in Combination Lever Bracket   page0233.tif 
Adjustment of Play in Worm Bearings  233
Adjustment of Backlash between the Worm and Roller  233
Adjustment of Steering Wheel Play  page0234.tif 
Brakes   page0235.tif 
Specifications  235
Design   page0236.tif   page0237.tif   page0238.tif   page0239.tif   page0240.tif   page0241.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0242.tif 
Repair   page0243.tif 
Removal and Installation of Brake Drum  243
Removal and Installation of Brake Shoes   page0244.tif 
Replacement of Wheel Brake Cylinder  page0245.tif 
Dismantling and Assembling of Wheel Cylinder  page0246.tif 
Replacement of Brake Master Cylinders  page0247.tif 
Dismantling and Assembling of Brake Master Cylinder   page0248.tif 
Removal and Installation of Brake Pedal  page0249.tif 
Replacement of Tubes 250
Replacement of Flexible Hoses   page0250.tif 
Filling the Hydraulic System with Working Fluid, Bleeding, and Tightness Test 250
Bleeding of Circuit   page0251.tif 
Replacement of Parking Brake Control Cable  page0252.tif 
Adjustment of Parking Brake Control Cable Tension  252
Adjustment of Parking Brake Control Gear by Cam Screw  252
Vacuum-Hydraulic Booster   page0253.tif   page0254.tif   page0255.tif 
Removal and Installation of Vacuum-Hydraulic Booster  page0256.tif 
Replacement of Cups, Diaphragms, Valves of Vacuum-Hydraulic Booster  page0257.tif 
Electrical Equipment   page0258.tif 
Generator  258
Specifications 258
Design   page0259.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0260.tif   page0261.tif   page0262.tif 
Generator Test on Car   page0263.tif 
Bench Test of Generator   page0264.tif 
Location of Faults  page0265.tif 
Repair Dismantling and Assembling   page0266.tif 
Inspection of Parts 266
Voltage Regulator   page0267.tif 
Specifications  267
Troubleshooting  page0268.tif 
Check and Adjustment   page0269.tif 
Interlock Relay RB 1-10   page0270.tif 
Specifications  270
Operation  270
Troubleshooting  page0271.tif 
Test on Car 271
Test and Adjustment on Test Bench  272
Storage Battery  page0272.tif 
Specifications  272
Troubleshooting  page0273.tif 
Bringing Dry-Charged Battery into Working State  page0274.tif 
Battery Check for State of Charge   page0275.tif 
Ignition System   page0276.tif 
Ignition Lock with Anti-Theft Device  276
Ignition Coil   page0277.tif 
Ignition Distributor  page0278.tif   page0279.tif 
Adjustment of Breaker Point Gap   page0280.tif 
Adjustment of Ignition Timing  281
Setting the Ignition Timing   page0281.tif 
Removal of Distributor   page0282.tif 
Installation  282
Bench Test   page0283.tif 
Dismantling and Assembling   page0284.tif 
Spark Plugs  285
Bench Test   page0285.tif 
Plastic Nipples  286
High-Tension Wires  286
Starter   page0286.tif 
Specifications  286
Design   page0287.tif   page0288.tif   page0289.tif 
Troubleshooting  page0290.tif 
Location of Faults   page0291.tif 
Bench Test  291
Idle Running Test  291
Full Lock Test  292
Test of Solenoid Relay   page0292.tif 
Removal and Installation of Starter  292
Dismantling  page0293.tif 
Inspection of Parts 293
Assembling  page0294.tif 
Auxiliary Starter Relay PC534   page0295.tif 
Specifications  page0296.tif 
Test and Adjustment  296
Master Lighting Switch 296
Three-Lever Switch  page0297.tif 
Switch of Rear Axle Differential Locking Pilot Lamp   page0298.tif 
Headlamps 298
Aiming the Headlamps  page0299.tif 
Front Lamps 300
Rear Lamps  page0300.tif 
Reversing Lamp and Its Switch   page0301.tif 
Number-Plate Lamps  302
Brake Failure Signalling System Switches  302
Stop Light Switch  302
Horn  page0302.tif 
Specifications  302
Design   page0303.tif 
Troublesliooting  page0304.tif 
Fuses and Cutouts   page0305.tif 
Turn Indicator Breaker  page0306.tif 
Emergency Signalling Switch  307
Brake Serviceability Signalling Relay   page0307.tif 
Specifications  307
Instrumentation  page0308.tif 
General 308
Speedometer  page0309.tif 
Design  309
Troubleshooting 309
Installation 310
Oil Pressure Gauge  page0310.tif 
Design  310
Troubleshooting  page0311.tif 
Oil Temperature Gauge  page0312.tif 
Design  312
Troubleshooting  page0313.tif 
Fuel-Level Gauge  313
Ammeter  page0314.tif 
Body   page0315.tif 
General 315
Dismantling, Assembling, and Repair  315
Windshield  315
Removal  315
Installation  page0316.tif 
Windshield Wiper  316
Removal  316
Installation 316
Removal and Installation of Electric Motor   page0317.tif 
Windshield Washer  317
Windshield Frame   page0318.tif 
Removal  318
Installation 319
Canopy  page0319.tif 
Removal  319
Installation 320
Door  page0320.tif 
Design   page0321.tif 
Removal and Installation of Lock, Outside Han-dle, Button   page0322.tif 
Removal and Installation of Inside Handle   page0323.tif 
Door Removal  page0324.tif 
Door Installation 324
Removal and Installation of Glasses 324
Hood   page0325.tif 
Design 325
Removal   page0326.tif 
Installation 326
Heater  326
Specifications  326
Design  page0327.tif   page0328.tif   page0329.tif   page0330.tif   page0331.tif 
Operation   page0332.tif   page0333.tif 
Troubleshooting 334 
Repair   page0334.tif 
Replacement of Quartz Rod of Switch Adjustment 334
Disassembly and Assembly of Heater   page0335.tif 
Removal and Installation of Motor and Heat Exchan-ger   page0336.tif 
Solenoid-Driven Gasoline Pump   page0337.tif 
Removal and Installation  337
Troubleshooting  page0338.tif 
Appendices   page0339.tif   page0340.tif   page0341.tif   page0342.tif   page0343.tif   page0344.tif   page0345.tif   page0346.tif   page0347.tif   page0348.tif   page0349.tif   page0350.tif   page0351.tif 
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